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A New Zealand online photography equipment and camera accessory store dedicated to bringing you quality discounted camera and photographic accessories and equipment via our secure online shopping cart. We have a large range of camera accessory products such as camera equipment for macro photography and many camera lens filters including circular polarising filters FLD filter UV ( ultra violet ) filter and ND 4 ( Neutral density ) filters. We also have the largest range of IR filter (Infrared) filters in New Zealand. We have infrared filters ranging from 37mm right up to 77mm thread size and always in stock!

We also have a good selection of external camera flashes for Canon, Nikon Sony and other brands of digital and DSLR (digital slr) cameras. There are is a slave camera flash that comes inclusive with a slave flash bracket mount and built in remote slave sensors for dual camera flash photography and off camera flash photography.

In our camera lens section we have a super wide angle lens that is a convertor lens and screws onto your existing lens using the lens filter thread. It has by default a 46mm thread and comes included with a free 52mm, 55mm or 58mm adapter if required.
There is also a 2x teleconvertor lens that will double the zoom range of your camera.

We have a good selection of adapters for all sorts of solutions. We have t2 (t-2) adapters for attaching to Canon, Nikon, and Olympus cameras to a telescope, a microspoce and other devices.

We have conversion adapters for attaching a Nikon to a Canon EOS body with Au to focus technology retained.

There is a similar adapter for mounting a Leica lens to a Canon EOS body while retaining autofocus capabilities and an adapter for using older Canon FD lenses on newer Canon EOS camera bodies.

If you are wanting an effective way to do macro photography on a tight budget a macro reverse mount lens adapter can be found in our macro section along with another effective way which is to use macro extension tubes, these can be used together with the reverse mount adapter. We have macro extension tube ring sets for many different body mounts